Metal Roof Repair in Fayetteville, AR

We are your local experts if you want metal roof repair in Fayetteville. The roof of your property is vital in keeping you safe, so maintenance of it is essential!

Causes of damage
Metal roofs are known to last for up to 100 years. They are incredibly resilient when their upkeep is maintained. The most common reason for damage to metal roofing is corrosion, which can cause rust and deterioration if your roof is made of galvanized steel. It may also suffer from scratches and punctures caused by extreme weather, like hail, snow, or high winds. Finally, we often see damage to fasteners and the clips that hold your metal roof down to the building. All these issues can arise because of weather, poor installation, or aging.

How do I know if my roof is damaged?
There are some obvious signs to look out for. First, please be on the lookout for leaks inside your property. It would be best if you also took the time to look at your roof occasionally. You want to be checking for anything that seems damaged or insecure. Look out to see if you can spot any loose nails, if the finish is holding well to the panels or if it is coming off if the fasteners and clips are coming off, if there are any apparent tears or punctures, and if you can spot any rust or discoloration. Finally, look at the edgings of your roof, known as the flashing- is it secure, or does any of it look damaged or loose?

How do we repair the roof panels?
The great thing about a metal roof is that the repair options are pretty diverse. If a larger patch has damage, we can easily replace the panel/s as required. If the area is smaller, we use professional, high-quality materials and products to seal that specific area. It is an exceptionally cost-effective way to deal with any issues. First, a highly experienced team member will assess your roof and consider other matters. From there, we can begin work to ensure you and your property are kept as safe as possible!

Other repairs
Alongside the significant issue repairs that we can perform for you, our experts will be able to solve any problems you notice coming up before they become more serious problems. Our highly trained team uses the most up-to-date methods and equipment to repair your roof before it becomes too damaged. These other repairs include resealing all seams and edges, replacing flashing, and pulling and re-nailing loose nails. Once you have brought us in to assess your roof, we will consider all aspects, not just the ones you have noticed. This means that when you work with us, once we are finished, you can know with certainty that your roof is in the best condition, without any risk of damage, anytime soon.

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